Arts, Music & Entertainment in Shreveport

Arts, Music & Entertainment in ShreveportThe distinctive mix of the blues and the daring artistry of the various musicians, actors and writers that make up the entertainment scene in Shreveport are as eclectic and inviting as the native cuisine. Whether you take in a stage production, a symphony performance, a rock concert, or the voices of the opera, the arts and entertainment scene offers plenty of excellent choices.

Shreveport Little Theatre
For 89 years, the Shreveport Little Theatre has been consistently staging productions that have put smiles on the faces of countless audiences. The entertainment venue relies on the talents of local actors and actresses to perform in their varied but consistently entertaining schedule of plays. From The Little Shop of Horrors to Hairspray, you're not far from a fun at this local tip-of-the-hat to the magic of Broadway.

Address: 811 Margaret Pl, Shreveport, LA 71101 - MAP
Phone: (318) 424-4439

Strand Theatre
The Strand Theatre prides itself in consistently staging unforgettable, crowd-pleasing entertainment. From the impressive dramatic presentation of Hotel California, one of the country's best Eagles tribute bands, to the hilarious characters that inhabit Mel Brooks' comic masterpiece Young Frankenstein, the Strand's spotlight illuminates a must-see season of music, drama and laughter.

Address: 619 Louisiana Avenue, Shreveport, LA 71165 - MAP
Phone: (318) 226-8555

Shreveport Opera
Whether it's talented locals or world class, seasoned performers, they all feel at home when they're performing at the Shreveport Opera. Some of the season's many notable productions include Don Giovanni, La Boheme and Tosca. The entertainment venue is also the site for several book fairs and other fund-raising projects throughout the year in an effort to keep the art of opera alive in Shreveport.

Address: 212 Texas St, Shreveport, LA 71101 - MAP
Phone: (318) 227-9503

Theatre of the Performing Arts
Carrying the tradition of performing arts from generation to generation is the primary goal of the Theatre of the Performing Arts. Aside from putting on various stage productions, the theater also makes education another high priority, as students, members of various civic organizations, and other clubs all take part in programs that foster a continued interest in taking center stage.

Address: 4005 Lakeshore Drive, Shreveport, LA 71109 - MAP
Phone: (318) 525-0740

Meadows Museum of Art
If taking a break from your usual scene and expanding your world view sounds like fun, then check out the various collections of art on display at the Meadows Museum of Art. The museum's holdings include pieces that date back to the 1800s as well as pieces by American Impressionist Alfred Maurer, German Expressionist George Grosz, and Texas Regionalist Don Brown. It's a visually captivating trip that's sure to invigorate your senses.

Address: 2911 Centenary Blvd, Shreveport, LA 71104 - MAP
Phone: (318) 869-5169

R.W. Norton Art Gallery
From the natural beauty of flowers and other regional foliage to the quest of the Native Americans, you'll see the various artistic essences of these subjects captured in the works on display at the R.W. Norton Art Gallery. Aside from the impressive paintings and photographs, there are various series of speakers and multimedia presentations that tell the stories behind some of these mesmerizing creations.

Address: 4747 Creswell Ave., Shreveport, LA - MAP
Phone: (318) 865-4201

Stephens African American Museum
Undoubtedly the African American culture has had a rightful influence on American society, but to fully appreciate its origin and history, check out the Stephens African American Museum. Through paintings, relics and other items and art works, you'll get a sharply developed picture of the various African American contributions to our development and the importance of continued awareness of this fascinating component of America's story.

Address: 2810 Lindholm, Shreveport, LA 71108 - MAP
Phone: (318) 635-2147