Hidden Treasures in Shreveport

Hidden Treasures in ShreveportAmid all of the crowded places in town, it's always comforting to find something that feels like it's uniquely yours. Whether it's a shop, a boutique or just a little place to get a cup of coffee, these hidden treasures balance out Shreveport's more cosmopolitan fare to give it just the right air of small town charm amid the bustling metro.

Heritage Gallery
Local Louisiana artists get an opportunity to have their work displayed at the Heritage Gallery, which features photography and paintings that offer a rather understated view of the talented men and women who call this part of the world home.

Address: 855 Pierremont Road, Shreveport, LA - MAP

Holy Trinity Catholic Church
The Holy Trinity Catholic Church honors the tradition of the Catholic faith and keeps an eye on the future, as celebrations such as weddings, baptisms and ordinations offer hope for the Church in the coming years. However forward looking those are, this church has the distinction of being the oldest church in the area. It is awe-inspiring to stand in its doorway, with the rich stone architecture guarding the altar and tabernacle like a formidable fortress. Still, the color and spectacle of the detailed stained glass windows brings a color and depth to the atmosphere that, like the Salvation that is celebrated here daily, reminds the congregation of God's beauty and serenity.

Address: 315 Marshall, Shreveport, LA - MAP